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AppRobot Free Macro Recorder

AppRobot Free Macro Recorder Automate mouse clicks, key-strokes and repetitive tasks on your computer top Macro Recording To stop recording, press the Pause/Break key on your keyboard. ~ Replay Your Macros To run a macro, either `Test Playback` the macro you just recorded, or `Load + Run Saved Macro` from an existing macro file. To stop macro playback before it is finished, press the Pause/Break key on your keyboard. ~ Repeat Macro Replay Repeat/loop the playback of your macro until it`s stopped using the Pause/Break key. ~ Save Your Macros Macros

Perfect Macro Recorder 2.10.00: Automate recurring tasks using Perfect Macro Recorder.
Perfect Macro Recorder 2.10.00

tomate repetitive tasks. - Automate testing of your apps - Increasing your productivity. - Reduce the work stress. - Application launcher. Main features of Perfect Macro Recorder: - Records keyboard and mouse actions for later playback. - Macro script editor so to edit and modify macro after recording. - Keyboard Hotkeys for Start/Pause/Resume/Stop both recording and Playback. - Repeat playback as much as you want. - Convert macro to an EXE-file

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Exe Wrapper 2.2: Protect exe file; Alert the main icon of executable file. Bind arguments to exe.
Exe Wrapper 2.2

( ) Exe Wrapper allows you to protect any Exe-file with its own password from non-authorized execution. And it can modify the main icon of the .exe file. Exe Wrapper can change the main icon of executable file. Exe Wrapper can also bind special argument to an Exe-file.If you don`t want to go on wrapping the exe-file, you can unwrap the exe file to original exe-file with this software. [ ]

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Convert MSI to EXE 3.0: Convert MSI to EXE & Create Executable EXE Setup from MSI Microsoft Installer
Convert MSI to EXE 3.0

MSI to EXE Creator is a perfect solution to convert MSI to EXE with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. MSI to EXE Creator can be used as MSI to EXE Converter, MSI to EXE Compiler tool. The program allows you to define icon to the exe setup installer. Easy to use MSI to EXE Converter utility convert .NET framework MSI installer file to exe format, Software installer package maker create exe using MSI.

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 ! - Macro Scheduler 1.0: Macro Scheduler allows you to create macros in order to control your Windows ap
! - Macro Scheduler 1.0

macros. MacroScript, the Macro Scheduler script language, now supports subroutines and array type variables. Scripts can also include Microsoft VBScript code, combining the power and ease of use of the Macro Scheduler script engine with the popular syntax of VBScript, and allows increased flexibility and advanced OLE/ActiveX automation.Macro Scheduler saves you time by allowing you to create scripts or record macros to automate any task. More than

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Msi to Exe Converter MSI to EXE converter can convert msi to exe file with no loss file
Msi to Exe Converter

to EXE Converter helps you convert msi to exe file with no quality lossing, free to convert msi to exe with the trail version , if convert exe with commercial using , get the full version , then edit the exe file` icon,company name, product version and so on. * Enlarge you Company Image * Easy to use,Two click to convert msi to exe * No attachment, no copyrights added in when convert msi to exe file. * No quality loss to convert msi to exe. * Edit

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Smack 1.06: Record keystrokes and mouse events for playbacking later
Smack 1.06

to a macro and play this macro back with three types of speed (High-Normal-Low). with Normal speed keystrokes and mouse clicks are played back as they recorded exactly, with high speed keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back with no delaying time between events [keystrokes and mouse clicks], with low speed keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks are played back with a delaying time between events [keystrokes and mouse clicks] but more

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